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TED Talks: ‘Keep Your Goals to Yourself’

By TED / February 1, 2017 /

Derek Sivers explains why announcing your goals to others causes you to stall out rather than speed ahead—and it has a lot to do with your social circle…

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How to Find Your Purpose

By Ben Angel / December 9, 2016 /

Finding your purpose can be a long journey full of twists and turns, but that’s OK—and even recommended. You can only discover your life’s mission by exposing yourself to new experiences, and that’s what prepares you to step into your purpose. This kind of experimentation brings people closer to their deepest desires. It’s the gradual…

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Practice Confident Body Language with ‘Power Posing’

By TED / October 5, 2016 /

Anyone can train their body to send out the right message. In this TED Talk, Cuddy talks about how mastering non-verbal communication could change one’s life.

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TED Talks: ‘Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator’

By TED / August 17, 2016 /

For procrastinators and non-procrastinators alike, both brains have a rational decision-maker in them, he says. It’s just that procrastinators fall prey…

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