Striking Out on Your Own

Most people get up in the morning, grab some coffee and head out to a job where they work hard, for peanuts and for someone else. Many people wonder if they could make as much money and maintain a living working hard for themselves.The truth is, most people can make far more working for themselves. And they can do it, even in a down economy—even in a recession.

“Dog-eat-dog” is becoming a thing of the past. People are complaining about the economy but I think this is a great time to start a business. There should be no separation between personal and business life—people should have complete integration for a more meaningful life.
Start with Your Passion – The French writer Francoise de Motteville wrote, “The true way to render ourselves happy is to love our work and find in it our pleasure.” Those words ring true with any entrepreneurial enterprise, because if you start with an occupation or vocation that drives our passion, then you’ll never have to worry about losing interest.
Have a Vision – Visualizing your business, from what you want to do, how to do it, how to market it and how it will appeal to customers is the first step. Most new businesses start and fail quickly not because of a lack of market opportunity, but because of a lack of vision.
Make Millions Serving Millions – Find a way to bring your company to the masses, so you aren’t serving just a few people. If you do something you love, and do it to help a lot of people, it’s virtually impossible to fail.
Multiple Income Lifestyle – Many entrepreneurs choose one idea and market it one way. In reality, the same idea or concept can be sold many ways and many times. The film industry makes its money by making a movie once, and then selling it many times (box office, DVD, first-run broadcast, premium cable, pay-per-view, basic cable, syndication and product licensing). If you can mirror that model, you can increase your income exponentially and make multiple incomes from essentially the same job.
Be Creative – One of the main secrets to success in business is being able to package and promote what you do in unique and creative ways. Think three-dimensionally, and approach how to market yourself in ways that separate you from your competition and emphasize your unique selling proposition.
No Fear – There isn’t a single decision you can make in your personal or professional life that is based on fear and anxiety. If you plan well, do what you love and market yourself creatively, there is no reason you shouldn’t believe in yourself. Make decisions based on strategy and accentuating the positive.

The most important things entrepreneurs can do is give themselves permission to pursue their dreams, and realize that success is possible for anyone. You need to know how to live an enlightened life and break though any limiting beliefs that get in the way.

Maria Simone is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, conscious business “architect” and marketing expert who has been featured on ABC News and Fox TV. Upon retiring from a successful career in healthcare with a Fortune 500 company in 1999, Maria completely re-invented herself and began her entrepreneurial adventure.


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