Michael Pietrzak

Michael Pietrzak
Michael Pietrzak is a mindset and habits coach to entrepreneurs. He founded So You Want to Write? Inc., which helps writers improve and get published. Michael is passionate about weightlifting, great books and playing guitar.

Your One Goal for 2021

By Michael Pietrzak | December 30, 2020

If you’ve ever struggled with New Year’s resolutions, then this system is for you.

Beyond Resolutions: The Complete Guide to Achieving Your 2021 New Year Goals

By Michael Pietrzak | December 1, 2020

If you want meaningful, lasting change in your life, you need more than New Year’s resolutions; you need a system—a guide.

How to Love Your Problems

By Michael Pietrzak | November 5, 2020

Problems will never stop coming. But using these practices, you can learn to love everything that happens to you, good and bad.

How to Create Job Security for Life

By Michael Pietrzak | October 12, 2020

Here’s how you can make yourself more indestructible.

The Complete Guide to Money: How to Create the Wealth You’ve Been Seeking Your Whole Life

The Complete Guide to Money: How to Create the Wealth You’ve Been Seeking Your Whole Life

By Michael Pietrzak | September 1, 2020

When you practice what you learn here, your net worth is guaranteed to grow.

The 10 Laws of Cultivating Influence

The 10 Laws of Cultivating Influence

By Michael Pietrzak | August 4, 2020

Follow these 10 laws and you’ll find out that you’ve always had the power of influence inside of you.

habits to avoid after lockdown

10 Habits to Avoid After Lockdown

By Michael Pietrzak | July 13, 2020

As we emerge from our social isolation, watch your actions carefully so you don’t backslide into the habits that were holding you back before. Plus, know the habits that are worth embracing instead.

self-awareness, personal growth

Why Self-Awareness Is Important and How to Develop It

By Michael Pietrzak | June 15, 2020

Use these strategies to become more self-aware and accelerate your growth.

personal growth

Why Focusing on Your Personal Growth Now Is More Important Than Ever

By Michael Pietrzak | May 26, 2020

Use these tools to help you create your master plan for personal growth.


This Pandemic Is Our Teacher

By Michael Pietrzak | April 26, 2020

Times of disruption are fertile ground for massive growth. The conditions are ripe for us to evolve, to start something new, to go inward and re-emerge stronger.