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Tim Sanders, New York Times best-selling author, speaker and former Yahoo! executive, spent his childhood living with his grandmother. In his book,Today We Are Rich: Harnessing the Power of Total Confidence (March 2011), Sanders reveals the seven books on his grandmother’s bookshelf that changed his early troubled life for the better.

1. Norman Vincent Peale’sGuide to Confident Living (1948) helps readers achieve confidence and contentment with guidance for losing your inferiority complex, achieving calm, practicing prayer and freeing yourself from fear and sorrow.

2. Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking (1952), his most famous work.

3. Dale Carnegie’s How to Stop Worrying and Start Living (1948), a self-help book that tells stories of people who have switched off their anger and anxiety to turn their lives around.

4. Claude Bristol’s Magic of Believing: The Science of Setting Your Goal and Then Reaching It (1948) tells how to use the subconscious mind and unleash your creativity to overcome obstacles and fulfill your dreams.

5. Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich (1937) teaches how to attain permanent prosperity.

6. James Allen’s As a Man Thinketh (1902) posits that your thoughts prompt every action, and influence your character,resulting in your reality.

7. Maxwell Maltz’s Psycho Cybernetics: A New Way to Get More Living Out of Life (1960) states that happiness and success are habits that can be instilled, and negative habits can be changed.

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