Reporter’s Notebook: Mark Cuban

In the November 2011 issue of SUCCESS magazine, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban talks about what worked—and what didn’t—as he built his championship franchise.

One of the most innovative professional sports team owners in recent years, Cuban’s perspective is enlightening, even if his approach is sometimes controversial. The result is a somewhat polarized fan base: There are those who love his outspoken, out-in-front ways . . . and there are those who find that style of leadership counterproductive or even downright obnoxious. (Read about other larger-than-life professional sports team owners on

This polarization is also true for players. While some athletes appreciate an owner who deeply loves his team and can deflect some of the media pressure away from the players, others bristle at an owner who pulls attention away from the men or women who are out there on the court or field, making each game happen.

What do you think? Is it better for pro sports to have owners who prefer to remain behind-the-scenes? Or does it create a more dynamic atmosphere to have an owner who is also a huge fan and enthusiastic supporter—even if the result is sometimes negative attention for this team?

What about in the work place? Is it better to have a leader who is removed from the day-to-day business in order to focus on the company’s big picture? Or would you rather have a boss who is enthusiastically involved and personally invested in each project? Does it have to be one way or the other, or is there a happy medium that can be more effective than either extreme?

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