25 Mother’s Day Quotes to Express Your Love and Appreciation

UPDATED: May 29, 2022
PUBLISHED: May 8, 2020

Mom. She’s our confidant, our best friend, a boo-boo kisser, an advice giver, and so much more. And although we love and appreciate her, we don’t always give her the credit she deserves, and moms, they deserve a lot of credit. After all, they are the ones who made us, us.

So this Mother’s Day, show her how much you care. Celebrate your special mom, or the motherly figure in your life, with these 25 quotes that express the beauty and magic of motherhood.

“To the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world.” - Dr. Suess Click To Tweet
“The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness.” - Jessica Lange Click To Tweet
“A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.” - Agatha Christy Click To Tweet
“Most mothers are instinctive philosophers.” - Harriet Beecher Stow Click To Tweet
“Once you're a mom, you're always a mom. It's like riding a bike, you never forget.” - Taraji P. Henson Click To Tweet
“I will look after you and I will look after anybody you say needs to be looked after, any way you say. I am here. I brought my whole self to you. I am your mother.” - Maya Angelou Click To Tweet
“My mom is definitely my rock.” - Alicia Keys Click To Tweet
“A mother's arms are more comforting than anyone else's.” - Princess Diana Click To Tweet
“The truth is that no matter how old we are, as long as our mothers are alive, we want our mother.” - Goldie Hawn Click To Tweet
“That's the wonderful thing about mothers: You can because you must, and you just do.” - Kate Winslet Click To Tweet
“If love is as sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love.” - Stevie Wonder Click To Tweet
“We are born of love; love is our mother.” - Rumi Click To Tweet
“The moment he wakes up from a nap... Just a gummy mouth, no teeth, just a big smile, happy that you're alive and you're just looking at him. That's probably the most magical.” - Jessica Biel Click To Tweet
“Life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face.” - George Eliot Click To Tweet
“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” - Abraham Lincoln Click To Tweet
“God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers.” - Rudyard Kipling Click To Tweet
“We should no longer allow a mother to be defined as 'just a mom.' It is on her back that great nations are built.” - Oprah Winfrey Click To Tweet
“He didn't realize that love as powerful as your mother's for you leaves its own mark.” - J.K. Rowling Click To Tweet
“If I have done anything in life worth attention, I feel sure that I inherited the disposition from my mother.” - Booker T. Washington Click To Tweet
“Motherhood is the biggest gamble in the world. It is the glorious life force. It's huge and scary-it's an act of infinite optimism.” - Gilda Radner Click To Tweet
“Over the years, I learned so much from mom. She taught me about the importance of home and history and family and tradition.” - Martha Stewart Click To Tweet
“Mother's love is peace. It need not be acquired, it need not be deserved.” - Erich Fromm Click To Tweet
“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” - Elizabeth Stone Click To Tweet
“My mother was my role model before I even knew what that was.” - Lisa Leslie Click To Tweet
“Youth fades; love droops; the leaves of friendship fall; a mother's secret hope outlives them all.” - Oliver Wendell Holmes Click To Tweet

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