How to Plan Financially For the Future with Chandler te Velde of Maia Wealth

UPDATED: April 8, 2024
PUBLISHED: April 8, 2024
Chandler te Velde, partner at Maia Wealth

Beyond the realm of traditional income streams, strategically directing your resources toward personal investments is the key to creating a robust and secure financial future. Whether you’re independently wealthy, own a lucrative business or figure it’s time to inquire about legacy planning as you approach your golden years, it’s important to have the right people in your corner.

After all, making smart choices in your investments is not just about growing your wealth but ensuring a life of abundance and security—for you and your family.

Maia Wealth wants to help you ace financial management

Selecting the ideal wealth management adviser for individuals and businesses is critical to attaining fiscal success. A proficient adviser acts as a guiding force, offering personalized strategies that align with unique goals and circumstances. For individuals, this means effective wealth accumulation, comprehensive financial planning and the assurance of a secure future. In the business realm, a skilled wealth management adviser becomes an integral part of decision-making, steering the company toward sustainable growth, risk mitigation and efficient resource allocation.

Chandler te Velde is a partner at Maia Wealth and a dedicated wealth management adviser. Her firm approaches the often intimidating world of financial management as a transformative journey where they ensure purposeful financial planning that suits the needs of individuals and businesses to achieve their monetary goals.

Te Velde, a California native who studied finance at the University of Denver, discovered a passion for financial planning early in her career. As a fiduciary wealth management adviser with a Series 65 license and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation, her expertise in finance has been marked by a commitment to fostering strong relationships.

The story of Maia Wealth began in 2017 when te Velde and her business partners identified a gap in the financial services industry. Their vision was twofold: first, to create a space where clients at any stage of their financial journey could receive tailored advice aligned with their goals and values and second, to establish an environment where advisers could run their practice with autonomy and transparency. From its humble beginnings with three individuals in a shared workspace in downtown Denver, Maia Wealth has grown into a family of 40 people with offices in Denver, Chicago, Houston and Indianapolis, serving clients nationwide. 

Communication is key

Te Velde believes in the importance of transparent communication, active engagement in the planning process and a dedication to long-term financial strategies in adviser-client relationships. “Trust and collaboration are fundamental pillars for success,” she says. “For individuals embarking on their financial journey, it’s important to start early with purpose and intention. Regardless of the stage in one’s financial life, engaging with a fiduciary adviser and implementing strong financial planning foundations can set the stage for future success.”

She also reassures those who may feel behind, stating it’s never too late to start taking control of your financial future. “Financial planning is not just about hitting short-term goals but is a crucial roadmap for managing resources effectively, adapting to life changes and building wealth over time,” she adds. “The structure and clarity provided by financial planning empower individuals, offering peace of mind on their journey to achieving life’s aspirations.”

Top considerations for financial planning and monetary growth

Legacy planning and wealth transfer can be complex and sensitive matters, and at Maia, these are areas where te Velde and her team provide valuable advice. Fostering open communication among family members, defining shared values and creating comprehensive estate plans are essential components of their approach.

“In our practice, we prioritize holistic goal-based financial planning,” she explains. “Beyond investment strategies, we take into consideration tax implications, planning tactics, risk management and estate planning. All of these attributes contribute to a wealth plan that is unique to each client and creates the most opportunity for monetary growth for the family long term.”

Not only is te Velde’s mission to educate and empower clients at Maia Wealth, but she also enables them to make informed decisions about their financial future while providing ongoing support and guidance. “When it comes to wealth management and making smart decisions, the best advice I can give is that everyone’s journey to financial success is different,” she says. “It is not a solo endeavor, and with the right adviser, individuals and businesses can navigate the complexities of wealth management with confidence and purpose.”

Ultimately, selecting the right adviser will bring financial expertise into your sphere and a commitment to building lasting relationships, fostering trust and adapting strategies to evolve your needs. In doing so, your partnership will become a vital step toward achieving both short-term objectives and long-term prosperity—something we all work hard to achieve.

Photo courtesy of Chandler te Velde

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