Digital Nomadism: Live and Work On Your Own Terms

UPDATED: June 4, 2024
PUBLISHED: June 8, 2024
young man working abroad exemplifying digital nomadism

When our editors started planning the May issue of SUCCESS+, we knew it would be important to highlight all the different ways workers get things done. Whether you are a recent graduate with an innovative business idea at the forefront of your to-do list or a C-suite executive toying with the idea of trading in the boardroom for the beach, we thought it was the perfect time to explore the world of digital nomading for readers who are considering making a big change. After all, why try your hand at entrepreneurship (and work countless hours) if you can’t enjoy the process?

Digital nomadism

In the last few years, the fascinating concept of being a digital nomad has grown by leaps and bounds, which speaks volumes about the changing paradigms of success and fulfillment. I’m talking about the rise of digital nomads in today’s remote workforce. As we witness a global shift toward flexible work arrangements and the breaking down of geographical barriers, the notion of success is being redefined, and workers are finding new avenues to live the life of their dreams.

As you will see from the globetrotters inside these pages, there are various ways to approach this comprehensive lifestyle—and traveling from country to country as a means to a business endeavor means tapping into targeted, dynamic audiences and cultures. Check out our cover story, where Diana Flores, star quarterback of Mexico’s gold medal-winning Women’s Flag Football National Team, talks about her journey from playing flag football as a child to leading her team to gold at the 2022 World Games—all while traveling back and forth from Mexico City to the United States to achieve her professional goals.

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Success beyond the office 

For the most part, the term “digital nomad” conjures up images of individuals traversing the globe with nothing but a laptop and a sense of adventure. While this lifestyle may seem unconventional to some, it embodies a fundamental truth: Success is no longer confined to corner offices or traditional nine-to-five jobs. Instead, it’s about creating a life that aligns with your passions and values, irrespective of where you are in the world. And this is the exciting part of modern work life. Whether you’re launching a tech startup from a beachside cafe in Bali or running an e-commerce empire from a coworking space in Lisbon, the possibilities are endless. (However, we don’t want to romanticize the digital nomad lifestyle without acknowledging some of its challenges. Hence, we cover all of the basics and what you’ll need to watch out for as well.)

Nonetheless, the rise of digital nomads in today’s remote workforce presents a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to design a life of freedom, purpose and fulfillment. By embracing the principles of resilience, continuous learning, community and efficiency, you can unlock the potential of this lifestyle and create a business that not only sustains you financially, but also nourishes your soul.

As you embark on this journey, remember that success is not just about the destination—it’s about the experiences, relationships and growth along the way. So, dare to dream big, embrace the unknown and let your entrepreneurial spirit soar. Here’s to living life on your own terms and making every moment count.

This article originally appeared in the May issue of SUCCESS+ digital magazine. Photo by Riderfoot/

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