John C. Maxwell: 5 Ways to Help People Finish What They Start

UPDATED: September 28, 2015
PUBLISHED: February 5, 2015

In his new book, Good Leaders Ask Great Questions (Center Street/Hachette Book Group), SUCCESS columnist John C. Maxwell discusses ways to help people complete tasks. Maxwell points out that these people don’t know the joy of finishing, their self-esteem erodes because they prove inadequate, they sabotage their own success, and they lose the trust and respect of others. To raise them up, he suggests:

• Showing them the big picture. Help people see that they will have a more positive future by completing tasks.

• Holding them accountable. People who have a habit of quitting often don’t suffer the consequences of doing so. Change that.

• Helping them schedule their time. People who don’t finish are often disorganized or undisciplined. Give them tools for scheduling tasks.

• Providing a work partner. Sometimes pairing non-finishers with highly motivated people can help them follow through.

• Rewarding only finished work. Praise effort but don’t reward it.

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