Introverted? Use These Tips to Rock Networking

UPDATED: January 12, 2017
PUBLISHED: January 12, 2017

Social and networking events can feel never-ending and anxiety inducing, particularly for the introverts among us. It can be daunting to connect with new people and worry about what to say. But it’s possible to find ways to overcome these worries and anxieties and get the most out of every event you attend.

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The infographic below offers a variety of networking tips for introverts to make these events easier. From tips to how to prepare before, during and after the event, the piece covers what to do at every stage to make you feel more comfortable with the situation and to get exactly what you want from it.

Before the event, do some preparation, including using social media to look up who’s talking about it, and ensuring that you have enough business cards to hand out to new acquaintances. For many introverts, talking to new people can cause some worry, so prepare questions to ask others, and to set a time limit of how long you’ll be staying at the event. Keep in mind that you only have to stay for that time period—it might even spur you on to make the most from that time.

Arrive early, keep introductions simple and take breaks if you need to, as this can help you go back in feeling stronger. It’s also important to remember that you don’t always need to attend networking events alone. Taking a friend or colleague along might give you some added confidence. After the event, follow up with new contacts on social media or email because it can help strengthen bonds for the next event.

Following these simple pieces of advice can help make networking events more manageable and effective, ensuring you’re equipped to get everything you want from the event. Although it might be difficult at first, like everything, practice makes perfect. Start off with smaller networking events where possible and build up to bigger ones, each time following the guidelines outlined in the infographic until you’re feeling confident and self-assured.

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