How the Movie, The Matrix, Taught Quest Nutrition’s Tom Bilyeu What’s Real and What’s Not!

Admitting his own mother thought he’d fail, Tom Bilyeu shares a self-deprecating look at his early adulthood to prove that you don’t need a picture-perfect starting point to become a success in the end.

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“A movie called The Matrix gave me the framework with which to think about how life really is,” Bilyeu says. He explains The Matrix is your mind, but your mind plays tricks on you, leading you to believe all the worst things you think about yourself. “The Matrix is a web of lies that we all unintentionally pull over our own eyes that limit our beliefs and the things we can be.”


 “The things you believe about yourself are so crazy that your worst enemies probably don’t think about you the things that you think about yourself. You have to understand that this is all a construct. This is the Matrix.” Tom Bilyeu


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Running time: 22:46

Filmed April 2017 at SUCCESS Live in Dallas

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