How Stressed Are You?

UPDATED: April 5, 2016
PUBLISHED: April 5, 2016

Stress is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it can lead to feelings of helplessness, have a negative impact on productivity and be harmful to your body and relationships. But stress also brings out our strengths, as many of the best opportunities are those that require the most work. The most ambitious of us might even consider stress as the polar opposite to boredom: If our nerves are calm, we begin to worry that we’re not working hard enough. The key is to own your stress. First, you must identify how healthy your coping mechanisms are and if you need a different management approach.

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If you’re not sleeping, are prone to irrational outbursts and have trouble forming and maintaining relationships, you need to rethink the way you work. Chances are you’re in the “very stressed” category and should seek professional help. If you’re drinking more than usual to temper your stress, but your anger remains self-contained, it would certainly be a good idea to sit down and talk things through with a trusted friend or relative.

If you find the hours are getting away from you, mealtimes are slipping by untended, but your health feels strong and you have good days as well as bad, it’s probably worth taking the time to check up on yourself before things get out of hand. Positive mantras and a healthy, active lifestyle can help to keep you on track. And if you’re lucky enough to pass the days calmly, it’s still worth ensuring you have a few checks and strategies in place—you never know when things might heat up when you feel your work is getting away from you.

However you’re feeling, check out this infographic that guides you through a preliminary stress assessment to see if how you’re feeling is natural and healthy—or if it’s time to take steps to bring your stress under control.

How Stressed Are You?

Source: Pound Place

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