Hitting Bottom to Rise Back Up with Jessica Zweig

UPDATED: May 9, 2024
PUBLISHED: January 17, 2023
Hitting Bottom to Rise Back Up with Jessica Zweig

“If we don’t hit bottoms, we can’t rise back up,” Jessica Zweig says in today’s episode. She started her first company at 26 years old, but found herself with more than $75,000 worth of credit card debt and negative $100 in her bank account by her early 30s.

“I was really living a lie. Everyone from the outside in saw a very sparkly, successful, happy girl. And then inside it was the opposite,” she recalls. 

She had a true breakthrough moment after going to her parents for help paying a $250 phone bill. “There was so much shame in your parents—in disappointing them, especially my dad. And they were just not even mad at me. They weren’t disappointed in me. They didn’t have either of those emotional responses because they were so confused. And that was worse.”

“That was the true pivot point where I was like ‘I have to turn my life around and it is not gonna start by me making more money and learning how to crunch a budget and paying off my debt,’” she says. “It’s gonna start with how I look at my life, how I perceive my life through my soul and taking responsibility for my own side of the mess.”

Now she runs a successful business, employing 25 people as a personal branding expert and the founder and CEO of Simple Be Agency. She talks with In the Details host Karen Allen about how to get back into alignment, responding versus reacting, radical responsibility, the higher self and how our challenges shape us. Zweig also delves into her spiritual life and her recent journey to Egypt.

Learn more about Jessica Zweig at jessicazweig.com, her book is out in paperback today with a new workbook. It’s called Be: A No Bullsh*t Guide to Increasing Your Self Worth and Net Worth By Simply Being Yourself

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