From the Editor: Celebrating Women in Business and in Life

UPDATED: May 15, 2024
PUBLISHED: February 8, 2024
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Welcome to a special edition of SUCCESS magazine, where we dedicate our pages to celebrating the remarkable women whose stories often linger in the shadows yet illuminate the path for future generations.

In this issue, we aim to shine a spotlight on Women of Influence—those exceptional individuals who seamlessly navigate between their professional careers and personal lives, leaving an indelible mark in both spheres. By recognizing the often esteemed stars and celebrating the unsung heroines, we hope to honor every woman who has carved a space for themselves in history through their exceptional efforts and determination.

To showcase our incredible community of female trailblazers, entrepreneurs, influencers, philanthropists, businesswomen, homemakers and more, we opened the doors for award nominations last fall.  Now it’s time to uncover the narratives of those women who, day in and day out, tread uncharted territories—making significant strides in fields where their accomplishments may go unnoticed.

SUCCESS® Women of Influence awards: celebrating women in business

The SUCCESS® Women of Influence Awards honors those individuals who redefine leadership. In other words, their journeys are inspiring testaments to determination, courage and an unwavering commitment to their vision. These are not just success stories—they are beacons of empowerment that exemplify what it means to make a difference and leave a lasting legacy. 

From boardrooms to living rooms, their influence spans diverse domains, pushing boundaries and leading the charge in industries that traditionally offer them limited recognition. To learn more about our 50 finalists, turn to page 42.

We also seek to unearth stories that transcend everyday achievements and delve into the extraordinary. We want to spotlight the women who embody the ethos of persistence and resilience, balancing the demands of career and family while shattering preconceived notions about what women can achieve. These are the uncelebrated stories of women who champion innovation, diversity and inclusivity across various industries.

Our phenomenal cover story features a profound woman who has pushed through adversity and lifelong struggles to build an illustrious music career all on her own. Multiplatinum musician, business owner, advocate and mom, Jewel is leading the charge in the mental health space to ensure there is support available no matter your age or life stage. See page 32 to read about her incredible journey.

As you will see, this issue is a canvas for all success stories—narratives of triumph, breaking barriers and navigating new waters. Ultimately, we bring you the tales of women who, in the relentless pursuit of excellence, have transformed the landscapes of their industries and communities.

Our goal is to  celebrate these remarkable women  and to inspire others to challenge the status quo, to push beyond boundaries and to believe in the power of their own potential.

Congratulations to all of our Women of Influence.

This article originally appeared in the March/April 2024 issue of SUCCESS magazine. Photo courtesy of ©Mike D’Avello.

Kerrie Lee Brown is an international journalist, author and women's health advocate. Over the years, she has written for more than 150 publications worldwide and held numerous executive and senior editorial roles across Canada and the U.S. She has interviewed a plethora of Hollywood celebrities and some of the most inspiring thought leaders around the globe. Today, Kerrie Lee is the editor-in-chief of SUCCESS Enterprises' impressive magazine portfolio and an advocate for authentic storytelling as the founder of