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Brene Brown modern day leaders in personal growth
10 Modern-Day Leaders in Personal Growth
Some modern-day leaders in personal growth include icons like Brené Brown and Tony Robbins. Read more about these influential experts.


Lilly Singh’s Next Act: Finding Joy, Telling Your Story and Talking to Muppets

Canadian YouTuber, author, and television host Lilly Singh talks about her journey to find joy and the next steps in her career.

Should You Bring Your Whole Self to Work?

Sometimes there can be a disconnect between your work personality and your ‘real’ personality. Should you bring both—your whole self—to work?
2 female colleagues who bring their whole selves to work laughing together

How to Identify Areas for Personal Development in 6 Steps

Identifying areas for growth and personal development can be tough, so we summed it up in 6 practical steps.
Woman outside writing in her journal and smiling while learning How to identify areas for personal development

Entrepreneur Serena Kerrigan Reveals Three Ways You Can Build Confidence… And Your Empire

Entrepreneur Serena Kerrigan’s passion is empowering other women in business. Learn her top 3 tips on building confidence.
Serena Kerrigan

Want to Excel at Job Interviews? “Interviewology” Author Anna Papalia Says It Starts With Learning Your Interview Style

Anna Papalia, author of “Interviewology." explains how leaning into your particular interview style is key to landing your dream job.
Three people interviewing a fourth for a job representing the different interview styles

The 10 Best Goal Setting Apps to Help You Stay on Track

Looking for a goal setting app to keep you organized? You’re in luck because we’ve rounded up the 10 best goal setting apps for iPhone, Android and web browsers.
Businessman smiling at looking at the goal setting app on his phone

Choose Wisely: Data Scientist Cassie Kozyrkov Reveals How to Make Smart Decisions

Data scientist Cassie Kozyrkov delves into the world of decision intelligence and the reveals the secrets to good decision-making.
cassie kozyrkov decision intelligence

Why Failure Is Good for Success

To achieve the greatest success, you have to embrace the prospect of failure.
Why Failure Is Good for Success

14 Personal Development Quotes to Inspire You to Invest in Yourself

Need some motivation to invest in yourself? Let these personal development quotes inspire and empower you to level up your life.
young woman inspired by personal development quotes