Personal Development

a team of changemakers collaborating on a project

Rocking the Boat: 4 Traits of Wave Makers

By Patti Johnson / February 15, 2023 /

Are you someone who makes waves? Are you constantly striving to make a a difference? You’re likely a changemaker—here’s how to know.

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Jeff Probst

Jeff Probst: A Survivor’s Perspective on Life’s Adventure

By Beth Silcox / February 12, 2023 /

Following his bliss took Jeff Probst on his own hero’s journey, full of adventure, growth, and more. Learn more about the host of “Survivor”.

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cecilia meis on what empowerment is

Discovering the Changing Meaning of Empowerment

By Cecilia Meis / February 10, 2023 /

Empowerment is bigger than what you once thought it was? It’s shown in different ways for each person and situation—but it’s felt and seen.

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woman facing fear with courage

3 Ways to Face Your Fears With Courage

By Jim Rohn / February 10, 2023 /

Jim Rohn shares three tips for how to find courage in the face of fear. Follow them, and you’ll open the doors to more success in life.

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