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How to Spring Clean Your Whole Life

How to Spring Clean Your Whole Life

By Shine | April 5, 2020

If you’re truly ready to let go of the old and start fresh, try expanding your spring cleaning beyond just your home. Instead, include every part of your life—like your mind, body and relationships, too.

The Sneaky Way We Set Ourselves Up for More Stress

The Sneaky Way We Set Ourselves Up For More Stress

By Shine | April 1, 2020

When we think we will be stressed, the floodgates open for stress—and it can make us less focused and more prone to mistakes throughout the day.

How to Show Gratitude to Your Past Present and Future Self

How to Show Gratitude to Your Past, Present and Future Self

By Shine | November 26, 2019

How often do you turn gratitude inward rather than outward, thanking yourself for what you’ve done or the way you’ve handled a tricky situation?

mostly fine decisions

Why You Should Make More ‘Mostly Fine Decisions’

By Shine | November 13, 2019

We so badly want to make perfect decisions, and only encounter perfect outcomes, that we often freeze up before doing anything at all. But what if perfect was merely an illusion? And what if, instead of perfect, we sought instead to make things… fine?

types of fear

The 7 Types of Fear That Hold Us Back—and How to Overcome Them

By Shine | October 30, 2019

By identifying what holds you back, you’re better able to make the changes necessary to overcome it. We all carry fear, and accepting the type of fear you carry is the first step in pushing past it.

accept change

Your 5-Step Resilience Exercise for Accepting Change

By Shine | September 17, 2019

Resilience is a skill we can acquire and sharpen at any time, and one of our main ways to do that is by practicing acceptance. Here’s a step-by-step acceptance practice that can help you accept change and press on in the face of it.

own your creativity

3 Tips on How to Discover and Own Your Creativity

By Shine | September 5, 2019

Give yourself permission to call yourself a creative by trying these three tips to discover and own your particular kind of creativity.

How to Stop Crowdsourcing Your Decisions and Give Yourself Permission

How to Stop Crowdsourcing Your Decisions and Give Yourself Permission

By Shine | May 23, 2019

Some choices are less about our own aspirations and more so about acceptance from others. The truth is: The only person we need approval from is ourselves.

5 Effective Steps for Setting Why Goals

5 Effective Steps for Setting ‘Why’ Goals

By Shine | May 17, 2019

When you surface the meaning behind your goal and give it a voice, a simple goal shifts into a mission.

Destination Addiction

How to Keep ‘Destination Addiction’ From Stealing Your Joy

By Shine | April 2, 2019

Destination addiction is the belief that happiness is in the destination or can be found somewhere else rather than in the present.