From the Corner Office: John Mackey

By Brenna Fisher / February 3, 2009 /

Even if you have never shopped at a Whole Foods Market and observed its cornucopia of organic offerings, you have undoubtedly seen its influence upon the food industry. The world’s largest organic and natural-foods grocer has grown to include more than 270 stores and counting, with more than 53,000 employees. Its success has inspired other…

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From the Archives: Michael Dell

By Michael Garrett / January 6, 2009 /

In 1992, computer entrepreneur Michael Dell was the youngest CEO running a Fortune 500 company. He and his wife, Susan, formed the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation in 1999, now with an endowment of more than $1 billion. Dell stepped down as CEO in 2004. But the company’s fi nancial growth and overall customer satisfaction…

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Success Stories – Katrina Markoff

By Chelsea Greenwood / January 2, 2009 /

Bite into one of Vosges Haut-Chocolat’s Naga truffles. What do you taste? Exotic ingredients like curry and coconut extract? Check. Top-quality milk chocolate? You bet. But there’s another essential element that adds to the complexity of this delicacy: a story. “I came up with the idea of using chocolate as a medium to explore other…

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Profiles in Greatness – Winston Churchill

By Amy Anderson / October 6, 2008 /

He was a British statesman, writer, orator, painter, and the leader of the British nation during its darkest and perhaps finest moments. He was also a man very familiar with failure. The Right Honorable Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill was born in 1874 to a British Lord father and American socialite mother. Although his grades…

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Monogamy in Sales

By Jim Cathcart / August 28, 2008 /

We’ve all heard that it’s not what you know but rather who you know that determines

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Zig Ziglar’s Lessons From The Top

By Erin Casey / August 26, 2008 /

From Zig Ziglar’s perspective, success is only real when it encompasses every area of lif

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Greening Your Business

By Sally Deneen / August 26, 2008 /

A surprising thing happened after David Bach moved his family into New York City’s first green residential tower, The Solaire, which features views of the Hudson River, filtered fresh air pumped into each apartment and rooftop solar panels that prompted a tour by Arnold Schwarzenegger. After he and his family moved in, Bach’s allergies went…

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John Maxwell: The Miracle of Teamwork

By Michael Garrett / June 6, 2008 /

John C. Maxwell; Utilize the strengths of a great team and you’ll achieve more than you ever imagined possible.

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Greatest Financial Entrepreneurs of All Time

By Lisa Ocker / May 6, 2008 /

Charles Schwab b. 1937 Charles Schwab made investing even more accessible as a pioneer in the discount brokerage business. His company reduced trade commissions and gave more power to consumers to pick and choose their investments. Schwab also introduced e-commerce investing, allowing clients to execute, buy and sell orders online. Quote: "A man can succeed…

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Greatest Franchising Entrepreneurs of All Time

By Michael Garrett / May 6, 2008 /

Ray Kroc 1902-1984 Ray Kroc died in 1984, just a few short months before McDonald’s sold its 50 billionth hamburger. One of the most well known success stories in American business history, Kroc developed a sophisticated operating system that essentially put hamburgers on an assembly line. He perfected processes and imposed such discipline on the…

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