Project Red Light

By Mike Zimmerman / October 10, 2011 /

In an ideal world, Jodie Foster’s latest directing and acting effort, The Beaver, w

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Consumer Report: The More Choices, the More Spending

By SUCCESS Staff / October 4, 2011 /

According to a recent report in the American Marketing Association’s Journal of Marketing Research, consumers shift their focus from price to quality as product choices multiply. They become more likely to switch to the products they consider superior. Professors from Columbia Business School, London Business School and McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University were…

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Gain Their Trust, Win Their Sale

By Todd Duncan / September 29, 2011 /

In a recent Gallup poll on professions that people trust, sales ranked in the lower 10 percent. Clearly, the profession of selling doesn’t get high marks, but therein lies the opportunity for sales professionals who understand the importance of trust. Most sales interactions begin with high tension and low levels of trust. Moving your prospects…

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Reinventing a Business

By Rieva Lesonsky / September 24, 2011 /

Reinvention. For some individuals, the word may conjure New Age mysticism or spiritual journeys. For businesses, the meaning is more practical. “In order to stay competitive, companies today have to be able to reinvent themselves,” says Pamela Mitchell, founder and CEO of The Reinvention Institute and author of The 10 Laws of Career Reinvention: EssentialSurvival…

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Steve Jobs: How to Live Before You Die

By Shelby Skrhak / August 25, 2011 /

Steve Jobs is the most private public persona you'll ever know. 

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From the Archives: Mark Victor Hansen

By SUCCESS Staff / August 1, 2011 /

The world was closing in on Mark Victor Hansen. Aloft at 30,000 feet, the 24-year-old H

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SUCCESS Book Summaries: Sally Hogshead’s Fascinate

By Michael Garrett / July 26, 2011 /
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Patrick Lencioni’s Simple, Naked Truth

Patrick Lencioni’s Simple, Naked Truth

By SUCCESS Staff / July 22, 2011 /

Author Patrick Lencioni says the truth is simple: If your clients trust you, they&rsquo

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50 Greatest Entrepreneurs of All Time

By Lisa Ocker / July 12, 2011 /

The greatest entrepreneurs are those who revolutionize business, open opportunities for others and change the way we think and live. Their impact is felt for generations. The SUCCESS 50 represents America’s greatest entrepreneurs of all time.* They are self-made men and women representing a cross section of America, with innovations that opened up the West,…

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How To: Motivate Your Sales Staff

By Emma Johnson / July 5, 2011 /

Selling is a tough job—tough on the ego, tough on the energy level—which explains why sales reps are often some of a company’s highest-paid employees. But even a fat salary is usually not enough to combat steep competition, finicky customers and grumpy prospects. “If compensation were a sufficient motivator, your people would already be performing,”…

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