4 Ways to Stay Informed Without Feeling Down

On most news outlets, there is an overwhelming number of negative stories that are not beneficial to our success. Here are some quick ways to protect your brain from their toxic effects and fuel it with the information it needs to make the best decisions:

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1. Start your day right.

Set yourself up for success in the morning by focusing your brain on information that motivates and inspires you. Read 10 pages of a book before getting out of bed, listen to a podcast during the morning drive, or read a news story about someone who has overcome a challenge. You’ll carry that empowered mindset with you to work and beyond.

2. Be picky.

Get your news online so you have the power to choose the stories you’re exposed to. If the headline appears sensational, don’t click on it. A gruesome murder across the country, while sad, is not relevant to your life or success. Seek stories that matter to you.

3. Turn off the ticker.

If you have cable news running all day long in your office, turn it off. That constant stream of negative news, or the ticker at the bottom of the screen, is often simply noise.

4. Take action.

Part of why news makes us feel down is that it shows us our behavior doesn’t matter in the face of problems. Remind your brain you have control by taking action. Pick one story you feel passionate about and donate, raise awareness or volunteer. Feeling in control is an instant mood booster.

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This article originally appeared in the July 2017 issue of SUCCESS magazine.


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