10 Steps to Organize Your Inbox Today (and Every Day)

When you picture a mad genius scientist plucking world-changing ideas from the ether and transforming them into gadgets and gizmos, you might picture his laboratory as a mess of disorganized papers, unwashed vials and tubes and mugs of months-old coffee. When you picture a successful businessperson, the image is probably a little more clean-cut: organized, neat, able to lay their hands on the document or tool they need at a moment’s notice.

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The truth is, everyone has his or her own way of working and you’re just as likely to find a meticulous rocket scientist as a disheveled millionaire. But there’s no doubt that taking the time to get your inbox in order and develop a disciplined process of dealing with your daily correspondence is likely to give you stronger control over you own professional destiny.

Getting yourself to inbox zero and ensuring everyone gets the response they need when they need it is a simple task once you set your mind to it. The infographic below provides a 10-step plan to do so. Once your email is in order, how you dress and where you keep your coffee cups is up to you.

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10 Steps to Organize Your Inbox TodaySOURCE: NETCREDIT.COM

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