Three Feet of Heart: Sean Stephenson on Mentoring

Three Feet of Heart: Sean Stephenson on Mentoring

So who motivates motivational speaker Sean Stephenson? Answer: motivational speaker, author (Unlimited Power : The New Science Of Personal Achievement and Awaken the Giant Within) and life coach Tony Robbins (in addition to Stephenson’s parents, sister and wife, of course).

“Tony Robbins had his people mail me every single product he’d ever made—tapes, videos, planners, books. I got this huge box in the mail and a note saying he was looking forward to meeting me and spending time with me.

“That made a difference in my life. It made me want to be a really good mentor when I grew up…. [Our meeting] changed the way I treat people now. He led such a busy life and yet he gave me that time.

‘Now I go out of my way to respond to every email to help people who have questions or concerns. I’ll get emails that are multiple pages, and I do everything I can to let these people be heard and absorb their messages, even if they’re critiques of me.

“That came from watching Tony be so gracious with me.”


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