The Mindset Secrets of 5 Successful Female Entrepreneurs

UPDATED: April 16, 2020
PUBLISHED: April 16, 2020
mindset secrets of successful entrepreneurs

In many ways, 2020 has so far turned out, well, a bit different than we expected. Coronavirus is consuming every media outlet and social media newsfeed on the planet, the U.S. election lead-up has had many unexpected twists and turns, and the world as we know it feels unpredictable. 

But in the midst of chaos, it’s more important than ever to seek inspiration, insight and guidance from leaders who are still charging forward and paving the way toward a better future. Because at the end of the day, the most successful people are those who don’t let external circumstances, no matter how grand, rock their internal state. 

Here are five women from five completely different industries sharing their most tried and true mindset secrets for unstoppable leadership, growth and impact.

1. Manijeh Goldberg: CEO at Privo Technologies, a leading cancer research startup

Manijeh Goldberg is a powerhouse female voice in the biotech space. She was 17 when she came to the United States, alone and speaking little English. No one could have predicted that a female minority would become a trailblazing researcher in such a traditional and male-dominated industry. But she never let anything or anyone stop her, and she went on to help develop five successful biotech startups. Manijeh accredits her fierce, relentless and unapologetic growth toward one core belief: Quitting is not an option. If she says she will accomplish something, she will. Period. She doesn’t stop until her goal is achieved, no matter the external circumstances. “I’ve achieved everything I have because I didn’t let anyone tell me I couldn’t,” she says. “When someone tells me it’s not possible, it pushes me to get it done better and faster.”

2. Brooke Castillo: Founder of The Life Coach School, a training program for aspiring life coaches

Brooke Castillo is a force to be reckoned with. She has grown her business from nothing to a $25 million-per-year training empire in just a few years. Brooke is best known for her podcast, The Life Coach School, where she teaches many mindset practices including the Self-Coaching Model—her system for managing your mind and achieving authentic happiness, regardless of what’s happening around you. One of Brooke’s strongest mindset shifts is remembering that our thoughts are 100% optional and they’re in our control. No one externally has the ability to cause our emotions; only our own thoughts do. “We control our emotional life with our thinking,” she says.

3. Nicole Lapin: Millennial money expert and author of Rich Bitch

At the beginning of her broadcast career, Nicole didn’t have the financial education or tools she needed to get ahead. That landed her in credit card debt, which put her on the path to learning the truth about financial success and how to achieve it. Her motto: Money doesn’t buy happiness. But successfully managing it can. She decided to share her experience—her decisions and her mistakes—to help people like herself, and her book became a New York Times best-seller. Nicole believes that every negative experience is an opportunity to learn and grow, not an opportunity to shame yourself or use it as an excuse to stay stuck. “Scars are just proof that you’re stronger than whatever tried to hurt you,” she says. 

4. Gahmya Drummond-Bey: Founder of kidYOUniversity and Evolved Teacher

With a passion for education, Gahmya Drummond-Bey has rapidly built her platform and is changing the way children and teens alike are learning about mindfulness tools that will serve them for the rest of their lives. Gahmya’s No. 1 mindset secret is to follow her internal clock, no matter what. “I have 24 hours,” she says. “I pay so much attention to my body that I know the hours when I am most alert, the hours when I am most creative, and the hours when I am not creative at all but great with detail. Because I know this about myself, I am extremely productive. I follow my own clock. I listen to my body. I stay in flow.”

5. Byron Katie: Founder of “The Work”

“The Work” is a methodology built to end personal suffering and make internal peace accessible to all. Having come from a background of depression, agoraphobia, overeating and addiction, Bryon knew all too well what suffering looked like and made it her mission to unravel long-held beliefs that were holding her back from becoming her most fulfilled self. She has since built a self-development empire and has thousands of students around the world. Her secret? Choosing to see the glass half full no matter the circumstance. “Life is simple,” she says. “Everything happens for you, not to you. Everything happens at exactly the right moment, neither too soon nor too late. You don’t have to like it, it’s just easier if you do.” 

In times of turmoil, let’s not forget that we aren’t alone, and that life is not determined by what’s happening but how we react to it. If you can adopt these mindset secrets, you’ll be well on your way to a calmer, happier, more fulfilled you. 

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Lena Elkins is a business and marketing coach for top performing coaches, consultants and service providers internationally. She is also an international speaker, influencer, member of the Forbes Coaches Council and host of the Facebook group Millennial Go-Getters. Specializing in digital marketing, copywriting, sales funnels and personal branding, Lena takes a no-BS approach to breaking through major barriers and reaching accelerated success for her clients. Lena has been featured in over 100 media outlets worldwide. Originally from San Francisco, Lena now resides in Tel Aviv.