The 90-Day FIT for SUCCESS Challenge

If you are stressed by the clock and seeking
the extra energy to do more every day, this
is the most important article you will read
this month.

Millions of Americans feel drained and exhausted by the endless
demands of work, family and life. Way down on the list or in the
back of your mind might be a goal to live healthy and get fit.
Like many people, you might begin your day with good intentions
to eat right and feel great. But then, minutes later, you’re rushing
out the door on coffee alone, telling yourself you will make up for
it later.

When lunchtime arrives, your hunger has become primitive.
Faced with a giant menu of nutritional hand grenades, there’s no
holding back. You promptly slam down 1,100 calories.

Back at the office, work piled high and stress higher, you begin
the post-lunch battle to stay alert, focused and productive. Fighting
to keep your head up, you reach for a cup of joe as your body diverts
every ounce of energy to the task of converting your lunch for three
into enough fat to keep you alive in the wilderness for a week!

The No. 1 reason busy people don’t take better care of their bodies
is time. Living on the fast track can spiral your health downward if
you let it. Not only are you running low on energy, but your health is
being compromised as layers of stress and demands keep piling up.

How do you reverse this trend and get back to full strength? Start
a diet? Get to the gym every day? You’re probably thinking, “You’ve
got to be kidding, right? How can I take on more? What’s going
to give?”

Time for You to Change
It’s been my experience that the most driven people see fitness
success and career success as competing goals; it’s either one or the
other, but not both.

This faulty thinking is flat-out wrong. The idea that you can swap
your health and energy for success and achievement is a false belief,
a misunderstanding of the physics of success.

Look 20 or more years ahead in your life, and you’ll know there’s
no success without health. You don’t want to win the race only to die
on the finish line. That’s not success; that’s sacrifice.

You can’t sacrifice your health and fitness for your success.
Without health, what do you have? Your health and success are not
two goals, but one—they are interdependent.

Life from a Position of Strength
For more than two decades, I’ve helped hundreds of thousands
of people, including top athletes, A-list celebrities, leaders and high
achievers, from all walks of life transform their life, enjoying vibrant
energy and renewed clarity, focus and confidence. And I can help you
engage your life from a position of strength. The change begins with
a fundamental shift in the way you see the world. We will reintegrate
your divided worlds of health, fitness, achievement and success.

It is my greatest wish that you will join with
me and thousands of fellow achievers
in SUCCESS magazine’s 90-Day FIT
for SUCCESS Challenge. Enjoy the life-transforming
experience of embracing
your full strength, energy, vitality and the elevated performance and
success that follow.

In just 90 days—should you dare to join with us on this empowering
journey—you will enjoy greater energy, renewed health, a
clearer mind, more time and more freedom in every area of life.
You’ll get more done in less time than ever. You will probably take a
few inches off here and there, add a few new contours to that body
and feel more in control of your life than you’ve felt in years!

Simply register online at You’ll
access to training, nutrition and mindset articles. PDF downloads
and a Tracker Booklet to document your progress also will be
provided. I will blog at least
once a week and provide
videos from my program,
Strength for Life. There is no
cost to participate. In fact, it
could cost you your health if
you don’t.

The program will run from
June 1 to Aug. 28. Sign-up will begin during the month of May.
The program will be interactive, and participants can share their
stories, challenges and triumphs. You’ll get the support and camaraderie
of being involved in a team challenge and supporting others
as they support you.

At the end of the program, SUCCESS will select the most
successful participants and feature their stories in the magazine
and online at, allowing you to gain the respect and
admiration of your peers. What better accolades can there be?

Focus on Your Most Precious Resource
Strengthening your body and energizing your mind is not a sacrifice, but an investment in your most precious resource: you.
you are strong, healthy and alive with energy, you are more effective,
more confident and more in control, and your results in all areas of
your life will improve as you do.

Taking just three hours a week to renew, recharge and reboot your
body and mind is hands down the best investment you will ever
make in your success. But don’t take my word for it; experience
it yourself. It’s only 90 short days. Other than a few
unwanted pounds of fat, what have you got to lose?

What are the gains, you ask? That’s another story. The
sky’s the limit for you, my friend. I look forward to helping
you set and achieve some inspiring goals in these next few
months. Here’s just a sampling of what you will learn:

Learn how to stop settling for less—less energy,
less joy, less life than you deserve.
Find out how swapping five pounds of body fat for one
pound of lean muscle can shape your body smaller.
Learn how to reach an even higher level of fitness
or strength.
Gain clarity on the mechanics of motivation.
Discover what you need to know before you even take a
“before” photo.
Realize how one subtle change in focus frees you from
ever having to diet again.
Learn how to eat what’s best for you because it’s what
you desire most.
Avoid the single most common mistake people make that
kills their training. Hint: It has nothing to do with sets,
reps or even exercises.
Discover the secrets of athletes to stay strong all
year long.

Physical work is rejuvenating and empowering, and it brings you
to life. With a strong, energized body and mind, you will have the
clarity and confidence you were meant to have.

Not only will you be renewed, but there’s a monetary element
as well. With your new lease on life and energy high, I fully
expect you to experience monetary and business gains
that are in-sync with your physical and mental

Whenever you attempt to trade your health and
energy for success, you’re sacrificing yourself, which
costs everyone—you, your family, your community,
your world. Make the decision to change today.
Are you in? Register Now!

Shawn Phillips is a fitness expert, author and CEO of Phillips
Performance Nutrition and co-founder of Performance Lifestyle Solutions.
His books include ABSolution and
Strength of Life: The Fitness Plan for
the Best of Your Life.


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