Travis Bradberry

Travis Bradberry
Dr. Travis Bradberry is the award-winning co-author of the #1 best-selling book, Emotional Intelligence 2.0, and the co-founder of TalentSmart, the world’s leading provider of emotional intelligence tests and training, serving more than 75% of Fortune 500 companies. His best-selling books have been translated into 25 languages and are available in more than 150 countries. Dr. Bradberry is a top LinkedIn Influencer and he has written for, or been covered by, Newsweek, BusinessWeek, Fortune, Forbes, Fast Company, Inc., USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The Harvard Business Review.

10 Bad Habits You Really Need to Break

10 Bad Habits You Really Need to Break

By Travis Bradberry | February 19, 2019

The self-control required to develop good habits (and stop bad ones) serves as the foundation for a strong work ethic and high productivity.

10 Things Successful Happy People Do Differently

10 Things Successful, Happy People Do Differently

By Travis Bradberry | January 23, 2019

People who are both successful and happy intentionally structure their activities around four major needs: happiness, achievement, significance and legacy.

5 Decisions You Will Regret Forever

5 Decisions You Will Regret Forever

By Travis Bradberry | January 16, 2019

Our days are filled with a constant stream of decisions. Most are mundane, but some are so important that they can haunt you for the rest of your life.

10 Toxic People You Should Avoid

By Travis Bradberry | December 18, 2018

As important as it is to learn how to deal with different kinds of people, truly toxic people will never be worth your time and energy—and they take a lot of each.

11 Tips to Transform Your Morning Routine and Make Your Entire Day More Productive

By Travis Bradberry | November 26, 2018

This is how you can break bad habits in the morning and maximize your energy and self-control throughout the day.

9 Bad Habits That Can Lead to Unhappiness

By Travis Bradberry | November 14, 2018

Changing your habits in the name of greater happiness is one of the best things that you can do for yourself.

10 Communication Secrets of Great Leaders

By Travis Bradberry | October 24, 2018

No one ever became a great leader without first becoming a great communicator.

12 Things Successful People Never Reveal About Themselves at Work

By Travis Bradberry | May 24, 2018

Don’t send your career careening in the wrong direction. Here’s what not to divulge at the office. 

10 Mistakes Smart People Never Make Twice

By Travis Bradberry | October 24, 2017

Smart, successful people are by no means immune to making mistakes; they simply have the tools in place to learn from their errors.

9 Phrases Smart People Never Use in Conversation

By Travis Bradberry | September 26, 2017

The beauty of social awareness is that a few simple adjustments to what you say can vastly improve your relationships.