Start Small Win Big 2012: Your Wk 5 Action Plan

Your Week 5 Action Plan

For Week 5 (Feb. 20), read the March 2012 issue for Step 5:  Know Who You’re Targeting. Then check your inbox for the Feb. 20 Start Small Win Big newsletter.

This week’s assignment is about knowing your clients.

Think about  facts about your product or service that might influence your potential customers. From these facts, write down a description of someone who could potentially buy your product. For example, if you sell your gourmet cookies in health food stores only and they sell for a higher price point than standard cookies, someone who could potentially purchase them must be a patron of health food stores and have disposable income to spend on healthy food options.

Next, get out there and do a little research to narrow your potential customer base even further. Johnson suggests studying existing clients.

  • Look for themes or patterns among your existing customers, such as occupation, age, marital status, parental status, location and hobbies.
  • Talk to customers. If you meet them face to face, chat with them before and after a sale. If not, create an online survey (search for survey creation tools online—they’re simpler than you think). Or pick up the phone and call, but remember not to pitch them. This is a research mission only. Offer a random drawing to encourage participation.

Once you’ve got a clear picture of who’s buying your product or service, you can brainstorm ideas for reaching them.

  • Where do they hang out during the week or on weekends?
  • What clubs, organizations or online communities do they belong to?
  • Where are they hearing about your competitors’ offerings?

Knowing as much as you can about your client base allows you to market to your niche.

COMMENT below with your answers and find inspiration from others.


Tory Johnson is CEO and founder of Spark & Hustle, a weekly contributor on ABC's Good Morning America and a contributing editor of SUCCESS magazine.

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