Spread the Word About Your Expertise

When professional contacts have a distorted view of who you are and what you do, it can limit your opportunities and hold you back from further achievements. So how do you revise their perceptions? You go out of your way to make sure that they know about your passions, talents and desires to solve one or more specific problems.

In the “Maverick Minute” column that I wrote for the May 2014 issue of SUCCESS, I present the magazine’s readers with three important ways to sharpen others’ views of their abilities, expertise and interests. In that column I also promise an additional 2.5 tips—and here they are:

Bonus Tip No. 1: Write a series of five short blog posts that focus on the specific area that you want to be known for publicly. Make a point of saying that these posts are a series and use the keywords you want associated with you in the title and throughout each blog post; the keywords will help the posts pop up on search engine requests.

Bonus Tip No. 2: Sign up to receive three free e-newsletters in the area you want to be known for. Read these each week or month so that you deepen your knowledge about the field and its current happenings.

Bonus Tip No. 2.5: If you haven’t done so already, send me an invitation to connect with you on LinkedIn. The more connections you have, the more influential and “in the know” you appear to be. Also send invitations to other business contacts so that you keep up with their news and they can keep up with yours.

Find out the first three steps for aligning your public persona with your potential in Jason Dorsey's full column.


Jessica Krampe is the digital managing editor for SUCCESS.com. A graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism, Jessica has worked for news, entertainment, business and lifestyle publications. Outside of the daily grind, she enjoys happy hours, live music and traveling.

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