Regan Hillyer Is on a Mission to Create More Millionaires Through Manifestation 


PUBLISHED: September 1, 2022
Regan Hillyer Is on a Mission to Create More Millionaires Through Manifestation 

Mindset coach and manifestation master Regan Hillyer is on a mission to guide entrepreneurs and anyone seeking to unlock their unlimited potential to have it all—on their terms. Using her proven methods, Hillyer has helped create more than 50 millionaires within her client circle and now aims to help you build the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Is it possible to train your brain to help you make more money? The simple answer is yes. Because once you control your mind, you can achieve anything in life. If you want to have something show up in your life or predict the kind of person you want to become—manifest something new, something powerful, whatever it may be. But they say that to achieve this, you must first be able to accept change

So, live in the feeling of being the one you want to be—and that you shall be. And if you advance confidently in the direction of your dreams and endeavor to live the life you have imagined, you will meet with unexpected success in hours.

But what if I told you that a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, international speaker, and mindset coach—a creator of the popular manifestation method could get you there in 15 minutes?

When the New Zealand-born Regan Hillyer was faced with choosing her favorite high-priced blueberries, it was at this moment that the CEO and founder of Regan Hillyer International realized the power of living life with abundance. “It’s possible to live a truly abundant life and have it all if we agree to abandon a limiting mindset,” Hillyer says “Instead choose beliefs that attract abundance. Catch your inner limitations before they catch you, and always choose the blueberries in life.” 

You see, words are like seeds. They give you life until one day, you can finally bite into the succulent fruit you have been waiting for. However, you must ensure you are planting the right seeds to do this. In other words, if you catch yourself saying that “you’re not good enough,” “you can’t afford it,” or “you’ll never get ahead,” you can’t expect to gain a lifetime supply of abundance.

With the overwhelming feeling after some more self-discovery, Hillyer realized that making money wasn’t what life was all about. She felt she had been hiding behind brands and the truth of what she knew long enough. To help others succeed using these methods, it’s no surprise that Hillyer impacts millions today. 

“My mission is to help you make a significant impact and build a legacy,” Hillyer says. 

By turning her business into a company dedicated to providing men and women with personal development and business training, clients can transform their minds and uncover valid messages to launch powerful, unique brands. 

And there is a reason why Hillyer is one of the best in the universe. Using her powerful mindset-changing tools and cutting-edge business development strategies, her successful courses and one-to-one sessions have allowed thousands of people to build multiple six- and seven-figure businesses—location-free. “I think the biggest thing that sets The Energetic Architecture Method™ apart is just how quickly people get results,” Hillyer says.

The creator of the popular manifestation method, The Energetic Architecture Method™, Hillyer has used these techniques to help transform more than 50 people into millionaires. One way of doing this is to tap into the subconscious mind. You see, even though we wish for an abundance of money, it’s the idea that these green tickets to greatness open up an amplification of who we are at the core.

Entrepreneurs need to look at energy the same way they look at money. It’s a finite resource that must be wisely managed, allocated and invested. Energy cannot be destroyed, but it can transform from one source to another, and we are the creators of the flow.

“It’s not about gaining the physical product; it’s about what the money can allow us to do. It’s the freedom areas; the choices create the level of impact on us. If someone is connected to their intuition and wants to do good things, money will be the resource that accelerates and amplifies you to greatness,” Hillyer says.

The 1% are setting goals that are congruent and aligned with their highest values—and that’s where you need to be. Hillyer explains. “I was one of those people in the 99% for so many years; I know how it feels. I remember having this deep burning desire to increase my income so that I could live the life I loved, so I did three things to change that—and now I can look back and think, Wow, I did it.”  

To find out what three things changed Hillyer’s life, learn how to attract abundance, luck and wealth and tap into your highest frequency, take a leap and alter your life, business, and mental state with one of the best female manifestation teachers to note. “My mission is to help you change your life, and together we can change the world,” Hillyer says.

From one-to-one coaching sessions, workshops, and online courses, to her getaway retreats, podcast, and YouTube channel, allow Regan Hillyer to guide you to greatness and transform your life. Find out more by visiting Regan Hillyer International’s website or by following her on Instagram. 

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