Reeling from Rejection?

Reframe your perception.

First, understand that everyone fails, gets rejected and hears “no” while working toward achieving a goal; it is part of the process. When you reach the sign marked Failure, when people start telling you no… success is almost always straight ahead.

Clarify your mission.

Do you believe in your product, service or opportunity? Sure you do! Understand that you are on a mission of service to others. People are out there waiting for what you have; it is your job to find them!

Take action.

Your task at hand might seem daunting—say, you need to contact 50 people, which seems quite intimidating. Start by making one call every day for a week. Jack Canfield defines confidence as “the successfully survived risk.” Doing this small action—just one contact a day—will boost your confidence. Gradually increase your activity over the next few weeks.

Reinforce your activity.

Instead of celebrating results, reward action. If you made five calls over the week and only heard no, celebrate the effort. We cannot control other people—only ourselves. This is a key to “reprogramming” how you feel about failure and rejection.

Keep going.

The truth is most people simply give up too soon. Most things take longer than we want or expect. People are busy, and they don’t usually respond according to our timetable. Be patient. Stay on the path. Follow up consistently with those who are undecided, as well as with those who said no. Unless someone gives you an absolute “no, not ever,” he or she eventually may be ready to say yes. Make sure you are there when that happens! 

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