Peter Yobo Shares 6 Insights to Success

What is the simplest way to find your passion?

The simplest way to find your passion is to think with your heart. What lights your heart on fire? What lights you up? What gets you excited? You know when you hit the bed and your alarm goes off? What gets you popping out of the bed in the morning? Once you’re able to identify what those are, start to key in on where you get that consistent feeling of drive and desire to get things done, and that’s it.

What role does purpose play in business?

Without an idea of knowing where you’re going, you can be knocked onto any which path that comes your way. Having a sense of purpose serves as almost your guiding star—you know which direction you’re headed, you know why you’re doing it and you can communicate that to others.

Having a sense of purpose allows you to bring other people into the fold and get them to be part of the team that drives towards that purpose.

Can anyone become an innovator and how?

Yes! The best way to do that is to learn to break some rules. Learn to break some rules because if the norm is that you’re so comfortable to do things the way they’ve always been done you will rarely look outside of the defined lines to find new ways of doing things. Don’t break too many rules, but get comfortable breaking a few rules.

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