Peter Yobo

Peter Yobo
Peter Yobo is a consultant and advisor specializing in helping leaders, business owners, and social influencers realize financial and operational improvement through organizational, process and technology change. He has consulted with companies in the Technology, Information, Communications and Entertainment sectors.

Specialties: For over 10 years, Peter has worked on numerous consulting projects related to startups, order- to-cash improvement, human capital development, business process reengineering, workflow automation, large-scale program management, and performance system development and integration.

Peter Yobo is very passionate about the Millennial workforce and works with organizations to craft visions and establish environments to engage, equip, and empower their millennial workforce to achieve success, growth, and career fulfillment.

Most recently Peter was part of a panel discussion led by Michael Fenlon, PwC Global Talent Leader, with Geena Davis, Actor and Film Producer, Dawn Hudson, CEO of the Academy, and Jennifer Yuh Nelson, Academy Award Nominee and Director, to examine the parallels between gender portrayals in the media and the role of women in the workplace.

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