Perform at Your Peak Level with These 5 Mind-Sharpening Tips

Perform at Your Peak Level with These 5 Mind-Sharpening Tips

Did you know your mind is the gateway to your success?  It holds the keys to unlock the innovation, ingenuity and potential you have to overhaul your business. How you think and what you think about impacts everything.

From competitive positioning to impeccable leadership, mindset is the greatest dictator. Mastering your thoughts and cultivating superior thinking will serve your business well. Are you ready to harness your intellect and think big?

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Try these five simple steps to upgrade your thinking and maximize your success:

1. Optimize your mind.

Mindset optimization lays the foundation for high-level thinking. It involves powerful mind shifts about who you are and what you can achieve. Just as athletes optimize their bodies, entrepreneurs should optimize their minds. Start by recognizing self-defeating and sabotaging thought patterns. These are disruptive to business success. Replace these patterns with powerful and confident thoughts that support your goals and objectives. Manage your mind, and refuse to allow fear and insecurity to contaminate your business.

2. Resist distractions.

Distractions are nothing more than roadblocks to your success. They impede your ability to think at a high level. Sharp thinkers are not victims of distractions—they don’t get sidetracked by non-revenue-producing activities. Business leaders and iconic entrepreneurs have a results-driven approach. By resisting disruptions, they command their time and increase their bottom line.

3. Get more sleep.

Yes, running a business keeps you busy all day and up late at night, but don’t let your entrepreneurial pursuits deplete you. Sleep is a powerful business ally and not getting enough can lead to unwanted consequences. According to the National Sleep Foundation, skimping on ZZZ’s impacts your ability to focus, retain information and sustain productivity. These outcomes are counterproductive to your business, as being well-rested and alert are cornerstones of sharp thinking. Shoot for at least seven hours of sleep a night to recharge your body and turbo-boost your mind.

4. Upgrade your circle.

The proverbial phrase “iron sharpens iron” could not be truer when it comes to business.  If you want to catapult your thinking and widen your perspective, upgrade your circle. When you surround yourself with power thinkers, you cultivate your brilliance. Don’t undervalue the pertinence of strategic networking and building relationships with extraordinary entrepreneurs. Exposure to diversified thought breeds creativity, collaboration and intellectual prowess.

5. Stop it all.

What would happen if you just stopped and did nothing for 20 minutes a day? Would you be able to do it? Could you surrender to silence without thinking about the next task or where you need to go and what you need to do? Resisting the need to talk, think or do heightens awareness, clarity and perception. It’s one of the greatest resources you have. Don’t let being busy stifle your genius.  Once a day, “just stop it” and repower your thinking with stillness and silence.

Are you ready to transform your thinking?

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Teri Nichole Harrison is an attorney, success strategist and startup consultant for entrepreneurs. She is the CEO and founder of Fearless & Fabulous Worldwide, a personal development and business consulting company in Nashville, Tennessee. Teri is also the founder and managing partner of the Tennessee Business Law Center and the author of Winning at Entrepreneurship: Innovative Strategies for Small Business Success.

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