Teri Nichole Harrison

Teri Nichole Harrison
Teri Nichole Harrison is an attorney, success strategist and startup consultant for entrepreneurs. She is the CEO and founder of Fearless & Fabulous Worldwide, a personal development and business consulting company in Nashville, Tennessee. Teri is also the founder and managing partner of the Tennessee Business Law Center and the author of Winning at Entrepreneurship: Innovative Strategies for Small Business Success.

Things That Will Detour Your Success

4 Things That’ll Detour Your Success

By Teri Nichole Harrison | January 22, 2015

We are living in the Success Age, when the need for achievement and the pursuit of wealth have become both obsessive and mainstream—and the conversation about success lingers everywhere we go, everywhere we look, on TV and social media, in self-help books and magazines. But the biggest threat to our achievement lies inside us. It’s…

Perform at Your Peak Level with These Mind Sharpening Tips

Perform at Your Peak Level with These 5 Mind-Sharpening Tips

By Teri Nichole Harrison | October 24, 2014

Did you know your mind is the gateway to your success?  It holds the keys to unlock the innovation, ingenuity and potential you have to overhaul your business. How you think and what you think about impacts everything. From competitive positioning to impeccable leadership, mindset is the greatest dictator. Mastering your thoughts and cultivating superior thinking…