Limiting Jet Lag

Jet lag is as much a part of air travel as baggage fees. Fortunately, geeks are on the case. Using science that shows people can expedite jet lag recovery with wisely timed exposure to light and dark, will calculate a specific treatment. British Airways offers similar advice, including when to seek and avoid light and how to adjust your eating and exercise habits, also free, at

Here’s how JetLagRooster works: Enter your trip details, including where you are flying from and where you are going, what time you take off and land, what your normal sleep habits are and when you wish to start shifting your sleep schedule. The form will generate a jet lag plan to help you learn when you should use bright sunlight or a lightbox (a product that simulates sunlight on your face) to extend your “daytime.” The website will tell you when to sleep, too. It will determine a plan based on whether you are working ahead of the journey or after you arrive. This light exposure plan will help shift your body clock in the right direction to reduce that lousy jet lag. Prevent jet lag and skip the reduced alertness or fatigue that comes up with an interrupted sleep schedule.

Traveling users could find that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of sleep aids.


Betsy Simnacher is a freelance writer who has been published in numerous newspapers and magazines nationwide. She lives in the suburbs of Dallas.

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