How to Hold a Facebook Contest

One of the fastest ways to engage potential customers is to reach them where they live—on social media. Natural snack-maker Funley’s Delicious serves as a case in point for promoting new products and building brand awareness. The young company used Facebook for limited-time giveaways (boosting fans from 288 to 17,663 in 24 hours). Then 8,000 of those fans participated in a Funley’s contest held on Facebook. The company knew to set up its contest under strict Facebook rules (find them with an online search for “Facebook promotion rules”), which require an app to administer the contest.

Most companies turn to a third party for the app, with providers including Wildfire, starting at $5 for setup and 99 cents a day during the contest; and Strutta, $99 per month for basic package or $199 monthly for a Plus version that adds the ability to host photo and video contests. The marketing company Constant Contact offers a Facebook contest app to its subscribers, too. In addition to the app, Facebook requires that you advise all entrants that Facebook is not liable and not even involved in the contest. In designing your contest, you’ll probably want to follow Funley’s lead—and a Facebook best practice—of promoting brand awareness by awarding a relevant prize, meaning a product or service your company sells. After all, many people will enter a contest to win an iPad, but that doesn’t prompt them to buy from you. Facebook also recommends buying ads on its website to promote your contest.


Betsy Simnacher is a freelance writer who has been published in numerous newspapers and magazines nationwide. She lives in the suburbs of Dallas.

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