From the Editor: 2014’s Top People in Personal Growth

In our upcoming January issue, we debut an annual list unlike anything other magazines compile. I’m talking about The SUCCESS 25, which celebrates 2014’s most influential leaders in personal growth and achievement. These people are the 25 whose best-sellers, speeches, blogs, and TV and radio shows most influenced the most people to change their lives for the better.

Just compiling the list was interesting in and of itself, but this project was in the hands of a particularly brilliant editor, Lisa Ocker. Lisa and I worked for months with a researcher until we had whittled down the list from several hundred to a (semi-) manageable number of names; we then brought in our fearless CEO, Stuart Johnson, and our publisher, Darren Hardy, to help us determine the final 25.

When we all had agreed on the 25, Lisa came into my office. “I don’t want to do just a list,” she said. “I want to interview each of the winners on different topics so we get a huge variety of personal-development tips.” The resulting masterwork is something to save and look at again and again when you need a lift, or a punch in the arm, or a de-stressor, or a self-esteem boost, or just about anything that will improve your happiness and success.

Our 10-page, inaugural SUCCESS 25—which also includes a list of timeless legends in personal development—begins on Page 54 of the January 2015 issue, available on newsstands Dec. 9.

Enjoy—and don’t thank me. Thank Lisa.

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