Five Tips for Building Better Business Relationships

We've all heard that it's not what you know but who you know that determines your success. But sales coach Jim Cathcart asks this: "Who is glad they know you?" That's why people do business with others they know and trust. When you offer value to another person, then they have a reason to care about staying connected with you. Cathcart offers these five tips for building better business relationships:

1. Approach each contact as the beginning of a long-term high-value relationship. Expect great things over the long run, and do your part to help both of you achieve your desired outcomes.

2. Plan to be loyal to your customers whether they are loyal to you or not. And be trustworthy, so they will want to be loyal in turn.

3. Continually ask yourself, "What else could I do for them without asking for something else?"

4. Give them the option to occasionally "have a bad day" without becoming upset or judgmental toward them. Nobody is always at their best.

5. Don't always ask for something, occasionally just give them something or just listen to them without trying to "fix" them or sell to them.

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