Are You Chasing Shiny Objects? You Should Be.

By / November 18, 2014 /

Ask business coaches what matters most, and they will invariably suggest that intensive focus and not “chasing shiny objects” is the key to success. But B. Eric Rhoads, founder and CEO of Streamline Publishing, says that advising entrepreneurs to focus can be a giant mistake. Rhoads, who started as a radio disc jockey, built a…

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Mastermind It to Accelerate Your Success

By Stephanie Vozza / October 13, 2014 /

“Being an entrepreneur can be lonely,” says Traci Bild, owner of Tampa-based health care consulting firm Bild & Co. For years Bild rarely talked shop with anyone but her employees. Her friends didn’t relate, so she didn’t discuss her business with them; in fact, many would be surprised to learn she owns a multimillion-dollar company.…

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The Cycle of Success: Redefining Wealth

By Jessica Krampe / October 7, 2014 /

My friend had just taken his company public. He was worth a fortune (think: winning the lottery every week for a year). I wanted to know the details, so I said, “You had a big vision. You fought for it every day. Naysayers lined your path. Yet you never gave up. And now you’re the CEO…

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The American Dream Is Alive—These People Prove It

By Jim Motavalli / July 4, 2014 /

The American Dream is the heartbeat of our collective ethos. For generations it has promised that through hard work, each of us has the opportunity for success and prosperity—a social mobility brought about by our ability to pick ourselves up by the bootstraps and achieve whatever our imagination holds. This spirit of self-determinism lives on…

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Make Life Slow Down

By Shawn Achor / June 19, 2014 /

Do you feel like life comes at you too quickly to respond in the way you want? Your ability to respond to an ever-changing world is predicted by how big a paddle you think you have. Let me explain. Pong, one of the oldest video games, is a primitive game of virtual pingpong—you control a…

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Winning Ingredients for Success

By SUCCESS Staff / June 16, 2014 /

Why success—at anything—is a lot like making a good biscuit, according to Carla Hall, The Chew co-host: “Being successful at anything takes practice. It’s the same with making delicious food. To say you can’t cook is too easy. To me this means either you don’t enjoy it enough to practice (which is OK), or you…

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A 5-Step Action Plan to Upgrade Your Life

By Tory Johnson / June 11, 2014 /

Readers flooded me with questions about what they could and couldn’t eat after The Shift, my book about how I lost 62 pounds in a year, debuted at No. 1 last fall on the New York Times best-seller list. When I told them the “shift” is 75 percent mental and only 25 percent meal, some…

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Rodney Dangerfield Gets No Happiness

By admin / June 9, 2014 /

One Saturday night in 1986, I was performing at Rodney Dangerfield’s Comedy Club in Manhattan. I had just finished my show and the emcee was making his final announcements when I noticed someone approaching the stage. No introduction was necessary. It was Rodney Dangerfield himself, at the pinnacle of his career. Wearing his trademark white…

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Jack Welch’s Success Secrets

By Jane Musgrave / May 13, 2014 /

Jack Welch has a stammer. And he’s short. But neither stopped him from reaching the height of the business world. Tapped to run GE when he was a mere 45 years old, he turned it into an international giant, using bold, inventive and aggressive techniques that others quickly emulated. “My success is lots of self-confidence…

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The Definition of Success According to Zig Ziglar

By Jessica Krampe / April 29, 2014 /

In Born to Win! Find Your Success Code, his last book before his passing, iconic motivational speaker and author Zig Ziglar shares his winning philosophy—that you have to plan and prepare to win, to succeed—and the strategies to go with it. In this excerpt, he shares a short list of the characteristics that he believes comprise success:…

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