Niké Ojekunle

Niké Ojekunle Got Scammed. Now She’s Helping Others Avoid the Same Fate By Advocating for Financial Literacy

By Em Cassel / February 25, 2024 /

Influencer Niké Ojekunle is turning misfortune into the Midas touch by teaching others the importance of financial literacy.

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Jodyann Morgan CTOAN Co founder behind her candles that celebrate self love

This Artist Celebrates Self-Love and Body Representation Through Her Line of Candles Honoring Plus-Sized Figures

By Cheryl Maguire / February 24, 2024 /

Artist Jodyann Morgan speaks on celebrating self-love and the human form through her candle and figurine business.

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Smart Coach Co Founder Jessica Johnson

5 Tips for Growing a Brand From Smart Coach Co-Founder Jessica Johnson

By Partner Content / February 23, 2024 /

Jessica Johnson, the 29-year-old co-founder of Smart Coach, is on a mission to redefine education and help individuals achieve their goals. The entrepreneur, who describes her journey as one marked by determination, innovation and a relentless pursuit to create impact, says she has seen her company grow from zero to generating $500,000 per month with…

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Woman practicing gratitude affirmations on her living room floor with her cat

Gratitude Affirmations: Why They Work and 25 Affirmations to Try

By Bryan Lindenberger / February 23, 2024 /

Looking for gratitude affirmations to help you step back and remember how far you’ve come? Try one of these 25 affirmations for gratitude.

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