how deesha philyaw built her writing career

How Deesha Philyaw Built Her Writing Career From the Ground Up—and Landed a 7-Figure Book Deal

By Nia Springer-Norris / December 2, 2023 /

Deesha Philyaw is famous for her book, “The Secret Lives of Church Ladies,” but the career writer has some exciting projects in the works.

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Paul E Wolf shares his struggles with OCD and learns the importance of embracing vulnerability in leadership

I Shared My OCD Struggles with 11,000 Employees—Their Responses Showed Me the Importance of Vulnerability in Leadership

By Paul E. Wolfe / December 1, 2023 /

Business executive Paul E. Wolf shared his OCD struggles with 11,000 employees and learned the value of vulnerability in leadership.

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Joanne Pike, DrPH, president and CEO of Alzheimer’s Association on stage explaining what they do

The Alzheimer’s Association Is Committed to Quality Support and Life-Changing Research for People with Dementia

By Jaclyn Greenberg / December 1, 2023 /

The Alzheimer’s Association funds global Alzheimer’s and dementia research. Learn more about what they do.

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Woman practicing gratitude meditation outside on the grass

Embrace the Power of Positivity With These Top Gratitude Meditations

By Bryan Lindenberger / November 30, 2023 /

Looking to try out gratitude meditation but not sure where to start? Then check out our list of 8 guided gratitude meditations to get your practice going.

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