8 Ways to Avoid Distractions and Get Things Done

Q: I have a business idea but am struggling to turn it into a reality. I get distracted with other tasks or begin second-guessing myself. Do you have any advice for making it happen?

A: One thing you can focus on is compression—getting more things done in less time. It’ll allow you to complete more legwork on your business more quickly. Here are some tips for being better at compression:

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1. Get clarity on what you want.

2. Brainstorm possible roadblocks and try to minimize them.

3. Seek outside counsel (coaches, lawyers, mentors).

4. Build a written timeline and have easy access to it by saving it on your phone.

5. Be accountable by having checkpoints with a peer, boss, client or customer.

6. Mentally own your project and take responsibility for any problems that arise.

7. Don’t get too bogged down in the details.

8. Visualize the end result.

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This article originally appeared in the September 2017 issue of SUCCESS magazine.


Tony Jeary is an author, executive coach and presentation strategist. Jeary has published more than three dozen books about making presentations and strategic effectiveness. He coaches the world's top executives from companies such as Wal-Mart, Ford, New York Life and Texaco.

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