3 Tips for Hiring a Business Coach

Have you considered hiring a coach, but not made the call? If so, you are not alone. Stanford University’s 2013 Executive Coaching Survey found that two in three CEOs are not using a business trainer, but almost all would be open to one’s advice.

Bill Zipp, executive coach and president of Leadership Link, offers three no-bull suggestions on finding the right professional mentor:

1. Ask potential coaches how much they made last year and only hire one who earned at least six figures from coaching. If you are going to trust your own business to someone, then you want to make sure the coach has a proven track record.

2. Instead of looking for someone who is a good fit for your personality, search for a coach who is a bit edgy and makes you slightly uncomfortable right from the start. You aren’t buying a friend to hold your hand, but paying for someone who will push you outside your comfort zone.

3. Don’t be cheap. The best coaches are expensive and you typically get what you pay for. View coaching expenses as an investment in your business.

Get the most out of mentorship—find out how.


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