3 Entrepreneurs Transforming Industries and Improving Lives


PUBLISHED: January 31, 2023
3 Entrepreneurs Transforming Industries and Improving Lives

Entrepreneurs are the driving force behind many of today’s most innovative and successful businesses. These individuals come from diverse industries and backgrounds, but are united by their drive, passion and determination to create something meaningful and make a positive impact on others. In this article, we’ll explore three entrepreneurs who are making a difference in their respective fields and changing the world in their own unique ways.

Jeff Smith: revolutionizing mental health and wellness

Jeff Smith is the CEO of Supermind, a digital platform and technology company that supports individuals on their journey to improved mental health and wellness through psychedelics. The company has generated more than $100 million in revenue for behavioral health facilities, and in addition to its financial success, Supermind has also made a significant impact through its marketing efforts. The company’s paid media marketing budget is over $120 million per year, generating over $100 million in annual organic traffic value through SEO and earned media. These efforts have resulted in over “250,000 annual referrals generated for clinics, therapists and treatment centers,” making Supermind a trusted access point for those seeking wellness and a valuable resource for providers.

Travis Harwood: bringing joy to the world through viral products

Travis Harwood is an entrepreneur who has achieved viral success with his product, NoseSlap, a smelling salt that has brought joy to millions of people through its uplifting effects and the power of laughter. Harwood’s videos featuring NoseSlap have gone viral on social media—according to the website, their videos have currently amassed over 35 million views. In addition to its financial success, NoseSlap has also brought happiness to countless people, making Harwood’s business more than just a product, but a source of positivity and joy in the world.

Matt Kelly: promoting situational awareness and safety

Matt Kelly is an entrepreneur known for his innovative solutions that have helped businesses in a variety of industries protect themselves. Kelly is also the author of Situational Awareness: A Guide to Staying Safe in Dangerous Times, a book that emphasizes the importance of knowing your surroundings and making informed decisions to keep yourself and others safe. Based on Kelly’s own experiences, the book provides practical exercises and tips for building situational awareness and encourages regular practice to maintain these crucial skills. Kelly’s dedication to helping others and commitment to making a difference make him a valuable asset in the business world and a leader in his field.

In conclusion, these entrepreneurs are just a few examples of the amazing individuals who are using their skills, talents and passions to make a difference in the world. From technology and mental health to viral products and beyond, they are using their entrepreneurial spirit to transform industries and improve lives.

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