Your March Action Plan: 10 Ways to Do Today Better Than Yesterday

UPDATED: February 28, 2016
PUBLISHED: February 28, 2016

Your Action Plan is a monthly to-do list of tips straight from SUCCESS magazine—10 things you can do right now to improve yourself and your life. To go about your day in a more purposeful way. To be better.

Ready to take on March? Here’s what you can do to make it better than February:  

1. Talk it out.

Tonight, schedule a monthly meeting with your significant other to discuss finances. Even if there isn’t currently a problem, it could help you avoid cash woes later.

2. Make smart hires.

What characteristics do you value? Before the end of the workweek, write these down and refer to them before your next hire.

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3. Slow down.

Take some time to give that project or report another look. Make it a habit to avoid rushing through things and deliver quality work.

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4. Risk it.

Whatever big decision you’ve been mulling over, take a chance and go for it! Trust your intuition, and make the leap today.

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5. Partner up.

You can’t always do it alone. Before bed, make a list of people in your life who can help you reach your next big goal, then ask one of them to be your mentor.

6. Find your why.

What’s the purpose behind your work? By the end of the week, make time to clearly communicate your mission to your team.

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7. Do good.

Before you get out of bed tomorrow, set a positive goal for your day. What can you do to make someone else smile today?

8. Give thanks.

Think of someone who has been going the extra mile around the office. Before you punch out, take a moment to write them a personal letter of gratitude and affirmation.

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9. Pencil it in.

If you haven’t already, schedule your 2016 appointments with your doctors to ensure you stay on top of your health throughout the year. Don’t put this off!

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10. Forgive and forget.

Let go of baggage that could be damaging your relationships and personal happiness. Think of someone you need to forgive, and call them before day’s end.

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This article appears in the March 2016 issue of SUCCESS magazine.

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