Work-Life Balance Doesn’t Exist—Make Time to Follow Your Passion with Seasons of Focus

UPDATED: May 7, 2024
PUBLISHED: August 10, 2021
Work-Life Balance Doesn’t Exist—Make Time to Follow Your Passion with Seasons of Focus

I am so excited about this week’s conversation on SUCCESS Line. I talked to Addy, a senior in college who instantly impressed me when we connected via DM on Instagram, and only continued to do so when we spoke. Her energy, spirit and drive gives me so much hope for the next generation of leaders. 

Until now, Addy has followed the path laid out by her family: become an accountant. But after her close relatives died in a car accident, she listened to her calling to serve on a larger scale.  

All of us have callings and promptings in this life, but few actually stop and listen. It takes a lot of courage to listen to our inner calling, especially when the train is barreling full speed ahead down a well-traveled track. 

We go through life trying to avoid risk, but risk is inevitable. It is risky to pursue your dream, but I believe it’s even riskier to pursue safety. If you pursue what is safe, the likelihood increases that you’ll end up disgruntled and missing out on your purpose

Addy has made the first—and arguably the hardest—decision to go all in on her dreams. But she is now wondering, how do I begin while I am still fulfilling my current obligations? 

This is a dilemma nearly all entrepreneurs face. Whether you are still in college like Addy, taking care of children or maintaining a day job to pay the bills, read on to learn how to focus your energy, gain momentum and find time to pursue your passion

1. The secret of the season 

There is no shortage of content instructing you to aim for balance in your life. But balance is a horrible metaphor for how to spend time because it is equal force in opposite directions. Balance implies that you should spend equal time on equal things, which is not only not realistic but also not what creates success.

The secret is seasons, or short bursts of intense focus on one thing. That is how you create breakthroughs. It is precisely not through balance that advancements are made. You need to imbalance your focus in one direction for a sustained period of time to create breakthroughs. If you commit to growing only one thing for a season, when harvest season comes around, the bounty you reap will be miraculous. 

2. The permission of the season

Choosing where to focus your energy for the next season is extremely important. You need to deliberately and consciously choose your next most significant priority, and then give yourself permission to make it your No. 1 focus—even if it comes at the expense of other projects in your life.

You need to expend the minimum amount of resources on all of your other priorities so you can dedicate 100% of your excess focus in one direction for a season to break through the next wall in your career. What is calling your attention? Identify your answer and then give yourself permission to go after it with no distractions.

3. The momentum of the season

Winning at one thing translates into the momentum of winning at everything. And by winning, I don’t necessarily mean that the business, project or job succeeds. It doesn’t matter if it fails. What matters is that you dedicated 100% of your time, resources, energy, love and prayer into the commitment you made. It matters that you are true to your word and follow through, whole-heartedly, on the things you say you’re going to do. 

Dedicating yourself 100% to your current project gives you the confidence and momentum to pursue bigger goals down the road. If you’ve only ever abandoned the goals you set, how will you believe in yourself and your capabilities? No one can guarantee victory. The only thing we can control is the amount of effort we put in. Commit to your pursuits and you will see that momentum carry you through into all of your future endeavors. 

The SUCCESS Line is no longer releasing new episodes on the SUCCESS Podcast Network, but you can still listen to the full conversation below.

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