How to Find Time for Your Passion

UPDATED: January 10, 2020
PUBLISHED: April 15, 2017

Over the past few years, more and more people have been able to make a career out of their passions and hobbies. This shift is propelled by a combination of accessibility through technology and people being brave enough to choose personal happiness over what they feel they are supposed to do.

But what about you? Have you found yourself ready to pursue your passion, but maybe you are finding it hard to see the path because you already have a job? And maybe that job is a good job that pays well and looks great on a résumé—it’s just not inspiring you right now.

There are two ways that you can pave the way to turning your passion into a job.

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Find ways to bring passion to your current job.

If your passion is traveling but your job keeps you in a cubicle all day, try scheduling a meeting with your boss and let them know you are interested in traveling for work. Some people don’t like doing that because it means they miss time at home. But if you have the travel bug, you could step in for someone who doesn’t. Then plan to see and do things in the city after work or early in the morning. The key is to make time to do what you love; it gives you something exciting to look forward to in the midst of a job that you might not love.

Or maybe you’re a creative and your job keeps you working in spreadsheets all day. Create a side project and show your team how it could benefit them and the company. And it will keep you inspired; just make sure everyone knows you are still prioritizing your job first and will work on this project during downtime or at home.

Manage your time.

You’ve heard the saying “We all have the same 24 hours in a day” so many times, right? That’s because there’s truth to it. Countless people have turned their passion into a full-time pursuit because they got started before and after work. You might think that it takes a specific type of person to be able to pull that off, but the truth is anyone can if they dedicate the time to doing it.

Time management is your best friend when it comes to pursuing your passion. Take a moment to observe how long it takes you to do each task throughout the day. From getting ready for work to cooking dinner, write it all down for a comprehensive view.

From there, you are able to see where there are openings that you didn’t realize you had. Did you watch three hours of TV last night? How much of this time can be used to work on what you’re truly passionate about? It might not be easy or comfortable right now, but it will ensure your growth and happiness in the long run.

Look at the areas in which you could work more efficiently. Are you working through your lunch break? What if you took that time to step out of the office and go to a coffee shop to work on your passion project instead? That’s five hours a week, 20 hours a month, you can dedicate to your passion.

Think about how badly you want to follow your passions and really feel satisfied with your life. Are you willing to stand up for yourself and tell your boss you’d like to take on a new project? Are you going to have the mental toughness to work on your project after work hours instead of zoning out in front of the TV?

It’s your choice to make it happen.

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