Why We Do What We Do

My background is in business journalism, so when I joined SUCCESS in late 2016, I was thrilled to be helping everyone in our audience become breakthrough game-changers like the people I’ve reported on throughout my career.

My focus at the time was on our emerging digital course library, and since then I’ve had a hand in growing our team in other ways, including the launch of our monthly SUCCESS Accelerator program and our SUCCESS Live event series. The projects have been rewarding and our team has been incredible. But I feel especially privileged to have worked on each of these initiatives with our contributing editor Brendon Burchard, this month’s cover subject.

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Describing someone as a high-performance expert conjures images of a hard-driving, take-no-prisoners leader focused only on the end result. But to watch Brendon at work is to appreciate that being a high performer can mean so much more. It really means setting clear, ambitious goals and then being fully present in those activities that will help you achieve them. When you’re working with others, it means being intensely focused on the group effort. When you’re alone, it means having the discipline to stay the course. And, of course, answering those three questions that Brendon so famously asks at the end of each day: Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter?

I take those lessons with me as I embark on a new role within SUCCESS, taking our mission and message to the next level. What started as a print magazine more than a century ago is now a multimedia organization creating content that is shared around the world. The new heights we envision are ambitious and will require discipline. We’re focused on deeply integrating all of the aspects of the brand and bringing it all together to create something more impactful than the sum of its individual parts. I encourage you to explore all that SUCCESS has to offer, not just the magazine you hold in your hands, but also SUCCESS.com, our newsletters, social media channels, podcasts, online store, digital courses and live events.

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I live by the lessons we share across these platforms. And I love the work we do. Because you matter.


This article originally appeared in the October 2017 issue of SUCCESS magazine.


Lauren Lawley Head is senior vice president for SUCCESS, where she directs the publication’s multi-platform business operations, including print, digital and e-commerce. She earned two degrees from the University of Missouri-Columbia, one in journalism and one in economics, and she loves spending time with her husband and their two Lego-loving boys.

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