Web Exclusive: Connick’s Heart and Soul – His Family

One of the self-professed arts Connick works hardest at is his marriage and family.

“As you work on something, whether it’s a painting or a piece of music, it’s going to evolve. A relationship is like that, too,” Connick confessed to Glamour magazine back in 2007. “I don’t have to think, What can I do to spice up my marriage? Because as time goes on, she changes, I change. I’m not married to the same girl I met by the pool. I love this woman more than I loved the person I married, but just in a different way.” That girl he met by the pool and married is former Victoria’s Secret model Jill Goodacre, to whom he’s been hitched since 1994 and with whom he has three beautiful daughters.

 “My marriage and my kids are far and away the thing that makes me the happiest and most proud,” says Connick. “Nothing matters after that. That’s really the end of the line.” For Connick, a happy home life is the truest measure of success. Well, that and peace of mind. “Success to me is going to sleep at night knowing that you did what you wanted to do.”

Read the complete article on Harry Connick Jr. from the Sept. 2011 issue.

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