Top Social Media Digest Tools

If you’ve been any sort of social during the Facebook age, then you’ve trolled on your friends’ Facebook profiles to find photos they took at an event you attended or hosted.

New York-based indexes millions of photos across social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Picassa. It works best with Facebook—culling photo tags, captions, event dates and other descriptions of the event. Enter the event date and Kaptur will cull the results. White-label applications are in the works, with electronic music producer and artist David Guetta test-driving the photo collaboration project.

PostPost is a personalized social search tool for Twitter that allows users to search and discover relevant content from the people they follow. PostPost’s new Timeline Topline surfaces topics, photos, videos and other information that’s trending in your timeline. PostPost also features content filtering by type (e.g. web link, photo, or video), fast search performance, and a variety of ways to share results.

News.Me is a free iPhone app that takes news articles shared by your friends on Twitter and Facebook and delivers them in an easy to read digest of the day's most "important" features. Now, here's the caveat. If your friends don't read very intelligent things, your top story of the day may end up as the most recent eliminee on Dancing With the Stars

Summify gathers tweets, comments, snippets and images from all around the Web and puts them into one post. Recently acquired by Twitter, Summify can be used to capture events online, or even ask a question and curate the best answers. The app is closed to new registrations but will become part of Twitter's app suite in the coming months.

Percolate helps brands create content at a social scale. It is an engine that consumes the world for a brand. It picks up the most interesting stories and makes it easy to comment on those stories and push them out to brands.

Storify creates stories using social media. It turns what people post on social media into compelling stories. It collects the best photos, video, tweets, and more to build stories. Great for newshounds!


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