Top of Mind: 6 Tips for Overcoming Self-Doubt

Barrett WardI used to second-guess myself. As I matured, I realized the key is to find balance and place as much importance on my family and relationships as I do my work.

Barrett Ward, founder and CEO of FashionABLE


Lisa TankerWhen I begin to have self-doubt, I remind myself that it only takes one yes or one opportunity for me to push through my goal. I also like to draw from past success, particularly accomplishments that worked out even when I couldn’t see how they would. We all have something that has happened in our lives that makes us say, “Wow, I would have never imagined this would have worked out like this.” Remembering that helps me put self-doubt at bay and continue to take action while maintaining the faith that opportunities will align with my goals.

Lisa Tanker, fitness and lifestyle expert

Leslie GiffordI always have my husband Bruce to lean on. He has been in the sweater business for 35 years and I can take advantage of his knowledge of what works and what does not work. He is the one who motivates me. I also work with my two children, Alexandra, who is in sales in our New York office, and Andrew, who is our chief marketing officer and has a separate office. They give me a lot of confidence.

Leslie Gifford, president and creative director of 360 Cashmere

How do you keep your ego in check?Whenever I’m off or disbelieving in myself, and under an 8 on my own happiness (1-10) scale, I quickly use my phone-a-friend and get to one of my coaches or trusted friends. I don’t wait or wallow. I talk it through with them, sort myself out, and get myself quickly back to believing.

—Lauren Zander, co-founder of The Handel Group, author of Maybe It’s You: Cut the Crap. Face Your Fears. Love Your Life.

How do you keep your ego in check?I second guess myself every day; it’s normal to feel this way as an entrepreneur. I think you have to evaluate what’s the worst thing that will happen if you make a mistake. More often than not, the worst case scenario isn’t as bad as your mind is making it out to be. Trust your gut and the data. You’ve made more good decisions than bad ones and that is why you’ve come as far as you have. You’ll get through it.

Jake Kassan, CEO, co-founder of MVMT Watches

How do you keep your ego in check?I remember my successes and what got me here. If that doesn’t work, I reach out to my network for guidance. You should either get a second opinion by someone who has the right experience to brainstorm your approach, or call your spouse, parents, sibling, or best friend, who will always give you that “pep rally” that you need.

Candice Lu, co-founder, OnPrem Solution Partners

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 This article originally appeared in the March 2017 issue of SUCCESS magazine.


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