Tim Ferriss on Treating Life as an Experiment

Tim Ferriss, author of the best-selling books The Four Hour Work Week and the Four Hour Chef, lives life like a giant science experiment. He conducts research, interviews hundreds of thought leaders in varying industries, enacts their ideas and best practices in his own life and reports back what he learned from the experience. In this interview, Ferriss gives SUCCESS Editor-in-Chief Josh Ellis his own definition of success: “I don’t use the word success very often. I can certainly take a stab at it at some point and I am often asked how I define [it], but I prefer to chase excitement…. [Excitement] is a better barometer for whether you’re heading in the right direction.” Listen in to hear how you can use Ferriss’s newest book, Tools of Titans, as the foundation to experiment and find your specific version of excitement in life.


  • Learn what inspired Ferriss to create a massive and comprehensive guide—a Cliff Notes on business—for entrepreneurs, based on years of interviews and personal experience.
  • In hundreds of interviews with high achievers, hear the most interesting, useful and downright bizarre tips Ferriss has heard from entrepreneurs.
  • What are you chasing in life? Happiness, success, abundance—what does that look like? Learn why Ferriss cautions against conformity and how to avoid living out someone else’s best life.

Favorite quote from this episode:

“You have a choice, and if it’s your life—which it is at the end of the day, you should be aiming to craft something that you find rewarding and exciting…. If you do that, everything else tends to fall into place.”

—Tim Ferriss

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